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Small Doses Big Results

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How Homeopathic Medicine Offers Hope in Chronic Disease By Karl Robinson, MD

Small Doses Big Results

How Homeopathic Medicine Offers Hope In Chronic Diseases

By Karl Robinson, MD


For the last century modern medicine has been seen as steadily progressing, overcoming all manner of diseases. While this has been especially true in the arena of public health and surgery, and somewhat true in infectious diseases, it is questionable when it comes to chronic disease.


The mass media daily carry stories about purported progress – usually concerning the latest wonder drug – in the battle against this or that chronic disease suggesting that a truly miraculous cure is just around the corner.


But is this really true? Small Doses – Big Results suggests otherwise, that chronic disease relentlessly creeps on diminishing and destroying health. The book goes so far as to suggest that conventional or modern medicine cannot cure any of the chronic diseases but, at best, can only manage or control them through the use of increasingly powerful chemicals, many with unwanted adverse effects.


With homeopathy in the hands of a trained expert, it can be different. This book shows how one chronic condition after the other resolved using homeopathic medicines often enabling the patient to stop some or all of his pharmaceutical agents.


Perhaps the best reason to read this book is to learn that there is hope with homeopathy for those suffering from chronic disease.


Table of Contents


Dedication … iii

Prologue … xi

Introduction … xv


Part 1 – Principles & Practice of Homeopathy … 1

One. Basic Concepts … 3

Two. Small Doses – How Homeopathic Medicines Are Made … 13

Three. Provings – What They Are – Why They Matter … 17

Four. Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment … 23

Five. The Repertory … 29

Six. Medicine Looking For Disease Versus Medicine Looking For Itself … 33

Seven. Searching For The Strange, The Rare, The Peculiar … 37

Eight. Isopathy – Cousin to Homeopathy … 41


Part 2 – Testimony of the Clinic … 49

Nine. How Important is a Diagnosis? A Case of Belladonna … 51

Ten. Colic – A Bane of Babies – and Their Parents! … 55

Eleven. Treating A Potentially Dangerous Eye Infection … 59

Twelve. Mental Symptoms – Why They Can Be Crucial … 61

Thirteen. Warts … 65

Fourteen. Arnica Montana … 69

Fifteen. Homeopathic Arsenicum In A Drug-Induced Psychosis … 75

Sixteen. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Resolved with Homeopathic Arsenic … 79

Seventeen. Multiple Problems Solved with One Homeopathic Medicine … 83

Eighteen. Conventional Medicine – Multiple Problems, Multiple Drugs

                Homeopathy – Multiple Problems – One Medicine … 87

Nineteen. Another RMSF Complicated By Lyme Disease … 91

Twenty. Another Case of Lyme Solved with Homeopathic Opium … 97

Twenty One. Another Opium Case: Concussion … 101

Twenty Two. More Opium: The Zombie … 107

Twenty Three. How A Poisonous Snake Venom Can Be Curative

                A Case Of Eczema Followed By Sever Anxiety – The Need For Two Medicines … 113

Twenty Four. Pitfalls In Case Taking. How To Be Objective … 119

Twenty Five. Paranoia and Allergies … 125

Twenty Six. Two Separate Disorders, Each Severe, Both Better with One Medicine … 129

Twenty Seven. Sciatica And Allergies Cured With Tellurium … 135

Twenty Eight. Homeopathy In Life-Threatening Infections … 139

Twenty Nine. Homeopathy Can Be Useful even when

Critical Parts of the Body have been Surgically Removed … 143

Thirty. Depressed Or Exhausted? A Case Of Gelsemium … 147

Thirty One. Muscle Wasting (Sarcopenia) And Weakness Of The

                Upper Body Disappearing With Salt … 151

Thirty Two. A Case Of The Spinning Illness … 155

Thirty Three. The Child Who Nearly Killed His Cousin … 159

Thirty Four. ADHD Coupled with Violent Behavior Significantly

                Improved with A Spider Medicine … 163

Thirty Five. A Recurring Kidney Infection Cured with Bryonia … 169

Thirty Six. Healing Fractures that Won't Heal with Homeopathy … 173

Thirty Seven. Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treated with Lachesis … 175

Thirty Eight. Altitude Sickness Cured with Coca … 177

Thirty Nine. End of Life – A Story of Transformation … 181

Forty. The Follow Up … 185

Forty One. Radiation Sickness. How Homeopathy Can Help. An Irish (True) Tale … 193


Part 3 – The Genius of Homeopathy … 211

Forty Two. Here the genius of homeopathy is on display as a series

                Of medicines prepare a frightened woman for surgery, help

                Her recover from anesthesia and heal in record time … 213

Forty Three. The Genius of the Provings … 217

Forty Four. The Joy of Homeopathy … 221

Forty Five. Allopathy and Homeopathy – Two Wings of One Bird … 223


Acknowledgements … 225

Appendix to Chapter 2 … 227

Glossary … 229


Paperback, 233 pages

ISBN 9781493517763



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