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A Healer in Every Home: Dog & Cat Edition

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by Begabati Lennihan RN, CCH; Margo Roman DVM and Shirley Moore Top tips for healthy animal care, from a pioneering holistic vet and a holistic animal shelter director.

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This NEW book is a super user-friendly book that will be extremely practical to any and all companions to cats and dogs!


NOTE!  As a special gift from the author of this book, 100% of the sales of this book go to help the work of DANA ULLMAN, MPH, who is a tireless advocate, author, and educator for homeopathy! 


A Healer in Every Home: Dog & Cat Edition

By Begabati Lennihan RN, CCH; Margo Roman DVM and Shirley Moore


What can you do at home to keep your animal companions healthy, happy, and safe from toxic chemicals?

This book gives you a simple, user-friendly guide to the most important tips from a holistic veterinary practice and a holistic rescue shelter, for…

  •          A healthy diet to help prevent chronic diseases
  •          Natural remedies for Lyme, skin and ear problems, bites from other animals, accidents, recovery from surgery
  •          Safe flea and tick control to prevent insects without toxic pesticides, and to protect your animal from Lyme
  •          Natural ways to calm your animal and reduce behavior problems – like aggression and barking too much
  •          The best books and websites for more information


Dr. Margo Roman, trailblazing holistic vet, incorporates acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine in her practice at MASH (Main Street Animal Hospital) in Hopkinton, Mass.

Shirley Moore, founder and director of Save A Dog, has saved hundreds of dogs from euthanasia by preparing them for adoption with the simple natural methods in this book.

Begabati Lennihan RN, CCH, practices at the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine in Cambridge, Mass. and authored the companion volume for treating people.



Let's Get Started 1

Your Home Remedy Kit 2

First Aid Remedies 2

Basic Directions for Homeopathic Remedies 4

Pre- and Post- Surgery 6

Accidents and Traumas 9

Wounds 11

Quick Tip: Green Tea and Hydrogen Peroxide 12

Splinters, Creaky Joints 13

Cruciate Ligament Problems 14

Bee Stings and Hives 15

Kennel Cough and Dog Bites 16

Animals Have Feelings Too 20

Flower Essences for Emotional Healing 27

Calming a Barking Dog 28

Calming an Overly Aggressive Dog 29

Calming a Dying Animal 30

Your Pet's Personality 33

Animals and Their People 39

Raw! Raw! Raw! 41

Fallacies About Raw Food 42

Switching to a Raw Foods Diet 44

Tummy Troubles 52

Vomiting 52

Diarrhea 53

Possible Poisoning 53

Abdominal Instructions 55

Preventing Hairballs in Cats 58

Ear Problems – Listen Up! 59

Food Allergies 59

Ear Mites 61

Remedies for Ear Infections 62

Hot Spots 65

Ticks and Fleas – the Mighty Bites 66

Fleas and Avoiding Toxic Flea Repellents 66

Ticks: Get a Grip 69

Intestinal Parasites and Heartworm 71

Rabies – The Original Vampire Story 72

Vaccines – Hold That Shot! 76

Ideal Minimum Vaccine Schedule 79

Realistic Minimum Vaccine Schedule 80

Minimum Vaccination Schedule for Kittens 82

Talking to Your Animal 83

Rescue Tales from Save A Dog 87

Resource Section 95

New Dog Instructions 96

Holistic Protocol for Shelter Dogs 101

Directions for Mixing Homeopathic Remedies 103

Quick Guide to Homeopathic Remedies 105

Why Probiotics for Dogs 106

FAQ Sheet on Lyme Prevention 107

Directions for the Lyme Nosode 110

Recommended Reading 111

Recommended Suppliers 114

Recommended Websites 115

About the Authors 117



ISBN 978-0-9834430-1-8

124 Pages

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