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Homeopathic Types

Product Description

60 of the Most Important Constitutional Types with Photographs by Frans Kusse

Homeopathic Types: 60 of the Most Important Constitutional Types with Photographs

After the great success of his work Children's Types, we are pleased to announce Dr. Frans Kusse's book of adult types. He has an uncanny ability to portray homeopathic types in a lively and straightforward manner such that we can see them in our mind's eye – and so recognize them more easily in practice. He focuses on the psychological characteristics.

A total of 60 of the most important homeopathic types are described in this book. Together with well-known remedies such as Aurum, Pulsatilla, or Staphysagria, there are also descriptions of seldom remedies such as Lithium or Lac delphinium, which are increasingly used nowadays.

To give the types a vivid pictorial quality, 28 remedy descriptions are supplemented with 60 reliable photographic portraits by Dr. Hellmuth Beuchelt. Together with the finely judged descriptions, the result is a unique insight into the most important remedies.

Table of Contents

Page Foreword 7-8
What is Homeopathy? 9
Introduction to Homeopathic Types 10-12
Aconitum napellus 13-16
Agaricus muscarius 17-20
Alumina 21-24
Antimonium crudum 25-28
Apis mellifica 29-31
Argentum metallicum 32-35
Argentum nitricum 36-39
Arnica Montana 40-44
Arsenicum album 45-48
Aurum metallicum 49-52
Baryta carbonica 53-55
Belladonna 56-59
Borax veneta 60-64
Bryonia alba 65-67
Calcarea carbonica 68-71
Calcarea phosphorica 72-75
Cannabis indica 76-79
Cantharis vesicatoria 80-83
Carbo vegetabilis 84-88
Carcinosinum 89-91
Causticum 92-94
Chamomilla 95-97
Cuprum metallicum 98-100
Cyclamen europaeum 101-103
Dulcamara 104-106
Ferrum metallicum 107-110
Ferrum phosphoricum 111-113
Gelsemium sempervirens 114-116
Graphites 117-120
Hepar sulfuris 121-123
Hyoscyamus niger 124-127
Ignatia amara 128-131
Kali bichromicum 132-134
Kali carbonicum 135-138
Lac delphinium 139-140
Lachesis muta 141-145
Ledum palustre 146-148
Lithium metallicum 149-151
Lycopodium clavatum 152-155
Magnesium Compounds 156-159
Medorrhinum 160-163
Mercurius solubils 164-167
Natrum carobonicum 168-170

Natrum muriaticum 171-174
Nux vomica 175-179
Phosphorus 180-184
Platinum metallicum 185-188
Pulsatilla pratensis 189-192
Rhus toxicodendron 193-197
Ruta graveolens 198-201
Sepia officinalis 202-206
Silicea terra 207-210
Staphisagria 211-214
Sulfur 215-219
Thuja occidentalis 220-225
Tuberulinum 226-229
Index 230-242
Acknowledgements 243-248



ISBN 9783941706590

248 Pages

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