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Homeopathy: Good Science

Product Description

How New Science Validates Homeopathy Peter Adams

This book provides an excellent overview about how modern science VALIDATES homeopathy.  Although this book does not provide the same comprehensive review of the 200+ clinical studies in homeopathy that are in Dana Ullman's ebook ("Homeopathic Family Medicine: Evidence Based Homeopathy"), it does give an impressive body of basic science information as well as present scientific worldviews that support specific principles and methodologies of homeopathy.

In this day and age when many seemingly intelligent people are skeptical of homeopathy, THIS book provides a lot of good information in which to respond to these skeptics.





The aim of Peter Adams' latest book Homeopathy: Good Science is to demonstrate that it is possible to win the scientific argument about homeopathy because science has moved on from the mechanistic reductionist model which underpins orthodox medicine. If this new science is applied to health and illness, it provides validation for homeopathy.

“This is a book whose time has come and it has appeared just in time… here is cool calm collected clarity and felicity of expression. Peter Adams…has a skill of presenting difficult ideas and concepts for the intelligent reader…Maybe this book will become a leader in the fight back.” The Homeopath, Winter 2010.

This book describes the controversy about homeopathy, and tackles the critics head on. It shows how new science validates homeopathy. New research on water, and in complexity and self-regulation theory, makes homeopathy scientifically acceptable. What is scientific changes constantly. Homeopathy is not in conflict with scientific progress, it is part of it. And recent progress in science is rescuing homeopathy from its critics.

The book is getting good reviews. It provides good scientific arguments to use in defence of homeopathy, and explains how, despite many statements to the contrary, homeopathy is truly scientific.


Reviewed by Francis Treuherz in THE HOMEOPATH (from England)


This is a book whose time has come and it has appeared just in time. As the mindless gangsters continue to persecute homeopathy, here is cool calm collected clarity and felicity of expression. Peter Adams studied philosophy in Oxford before he became a homeopath. He has a skill of presenting difficult ideas and concepts for the intelligent reader. I hope that this book will appeal to the homeopath and the non-homeopath equally.


Adams has brought together references not only to specific research into homeopathy but research from a wide range of topics from many schools and many subjects, which have a bearing on homeopathy and entirely justify what we do. Interspersed with the serious ideas are case studies, short vignettes which are examples of our work in practice. He looks at physics, maths, chemistry, biology, complexity, explained with simplicity. His thesis is that we do not challenge science, we do not seek to overturn it, we can help science to develop, but we do need to challenge some self-styled scientists.


He is not a conspiracy theorist, but add up the references and the evidence is there of a campaign against homeopathy. Maybe this book will become a leader in the fight back. He cites Dr James Le Fanu in the Telegraph on the orchestrated campaign against homeopathy. This campaign ignores the wealth of research, which corroborates our work, especially the research into the properties of water, which was new to me and appealed to my imagination as well as assuaging my ignorance.


He has published the book himself and in so doing has missed the benevolent eye of an editor. This is notable in his footnotes, which are just that at the end of the page when needed but not collated, so that the same source may appear more than once (Bellavite et al) , and one cannot easily survey what is there and what he missed. I think he missed some of my favourites, the WW2 ‘mustard gas' experiments, the ‘Schick test' for the presence and absence of diphtheria before and after homeopathy, and the observations on changes after the administration of bowel nosodes. Hering is Herring, Weiner is Wiener and Alderson is Anderson. An experienced publisher will know the market, and where to place the book, something I think is needed urgently as it takes many months to bring a book to professional publication.


That said I think this is a great book in the making, one that will be so so useful to us in countering the arguments against us. We have to be optimists and assume that we shall be heard by those who matter.



Table of Contents  

Homeopathy briefly explained  8
Introduction  9
Is homeopathy scientific? 10-22
What is scientific in medicine? 23-38
Campaigns against homeopathy 39-54
Reactions to homeopathy 55-72
Dilution is not delusion 73-105
How like cures like 106-118
Systems of life 119-136
We are self-organised beings 137-152
How to treat an organism 153-160
Applying complexity science to medicine 161-172
Susceptibility 173-183
The medicine in the message 184-188
What disease actually is 189-199
What medicines actually do to us 200-211
The known, the unknown an the limits of science 212-218
Appendix: Case studies 219-220
Index 221-225





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