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Lac Remedies in Practice -- Philip Bailey, MD

Product Description

8 of the most important homeopathic medicines made from the milk of various species
Dr. Philip Bailey is an Australian medical doctor and homeopath who is widely loved and appreciated for his first book, Homeopathic Psychology.
Philip Bailey uses his wealth of clinical experience working with Lac remedies to flesh out fully rounded pictures of 8 milk remedies. Each chapter is based on personal experience using the remedy and includes many original observations. With the help of this knowledge, homeopaths can deepen their understanding of Lac remedies beyond rubrics and stereotypes, to the complexities of real people. The breadth of Bailey's clinical descriptions is matched by their depth. The essence of each remedy picture is fully explored in the book and studied from numerous angles. The result is the kind of rich and nuanced materia medica that is easy to relate to and easy to apply in clinical practice. Each chapter is accompanied by case histories, expressed in the actual words of the patients, enabling a thorough examination of how each remedy's themes and essence are expressed verbally.

Bailey paints a rich psychological picture of the main themes in Lac cases, from early dynamics of inadequate bonding to mother, through victim-consciousness to compensatory spiritual idealism, whilst emphasising the split in every Lac case between the worldly and the spiritual, and the ambivalence which results from this split. 

The book is fully indexed.

‘Some of the most valuable insights into various homeopathic medicines come from their use in actual practice. In ‘Lac Remedies in Practice' Philip Bailey generously shares his clinical experience with remedies made from milk and how they can help patients who have suffered their entire lives due to lack of appropriate bonding with the mother.'







Lac felinum

Ambivalence 61

Freedom and Dependency 63

Anti-Authority 65

Feminist 66

Fear and Delusions 67

Throat Chakra 70

Addictions 71

Sensuality 71

Cats 72

The Tomcat 72

Differential Diagnosis 74

Physical Complaints 77

Case 1 78

Analysis 80

Case 2 82



Lac equis

Blocked 89

Breaking Free 95

Depression and Mania 97

Assertive 99

Differential Diagnosis 100

Case 1 103

Analysis and treatment 104

Analysis 109


Lac equis – mind 111

Case 2 115

Comment 122

Case 3 128

Comment 130


Lac caninum

Worthlessness 135

Out of Control 139

Abuse 144

Denial 146

Grief 147

The Male 147

Case 1 150

Analysis 152

Repertorisation 153

Case Analysis 156



Lac defloratum

Passivity 159

Nebulous 161

Self-esteem 162

Suppressed rage 163

Co-dependency 165

Fear of annihilation, of being trapped 166

Don't trust the Feminine 167

Case Analysis 170



Lac leoninum

Dignity and Pride 175

Calm, Responsible and Controlled 177


Near Death Experiences 178

Africa 180

Trouble with Men 180

Summary 184

Case Analysis 189

Lac leoninum

Case 2 192

Analysis 195

rubrics in this case 192


Lac delphinum

Fear 201

Relationships and Sexuality 202

Heart-centred and Dreamy 203

Play, Escape and Magical Thinking 204

Depression 205

Case 1 206

Analysis 207

Case 2 209

Analysis 211



Lac lupinum

The Outsider 217

Trouble with Women 219

The Opportunist 219

The Thrill-Seeker 220

Avoidance 221

Trouble with Money 224

Death and other Inconveniences 225

Case 226

Analysis 227

Index 23






Introduction – Lac themes


 The Missing Foundation 12

Ambivalence 13

Paradise Lost 15

Alone and Co-dependent 16

Mother-Child 17

Where is the Man? 19

Victim-Consciousness 21

Unsupported 22

Community Awareness and Advocacy 22

Rebel with a Cause 23

Push and Pull 25

Boundaries 25

Case 1 49

Analysis 51

Case Analysis 56

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